Group Picture at Sierra Negra Volcano at Isabella

Everyone in Green at San Cristobal

Another Group Shot at San Cristobal

A Giant Tortoise

Another Giant Tortoise

A Saddle-Back Tortoise

Lonesome George Tortoise

Tortuga Bay Beach (not a tortoise. :P)

View of Bartolome Island from the top of the island

View of Pinnacle Rock from a boat

Galapagos Penguins!

Penguin on lava tube at Bartolome Island

A Blue-Footed Boobie

Blue-Footed Boobies Mating

Plaza Island

Ancient volcanic caldera on Santa Cruz

A pile of Iguanas on lava rock

Beach at Isabella Island

Horses on trail to Sierra Negra Volcano

Moonscape at Sierra Negra Volcano

A lava tube hole

The exit of a lava tube

CHP students looking down at the ground from the base station just below the peak of the active volcano Cotopaxi in Ecuador.

CHP students hiking back down the side of Cotopaxi at an altitude of 4800 meters.

A hunter spider found in the Cloud Forests of Ecuador

Bruce Michelson on a zip line through the foliage

Carolyn Allen in the River in the Cloud Forest

Group Picture at Pululagua Volcano

Another Group Picture at Pululagua Volcano; this one's brighter!

Yost Steps Over the Equator

Carolyn straddling the hemispheres