Tokyo, and the joys of pantomime

To our fans,

 Tokyo feels so familiar in some respects, and so different in so many more!  We’ve all had our share of interesting stories as we try to adjust to both the time change (14 hours, talk about jet lag!) and the language barrier that most of us are encountering.  Thus far our conversations with the locals both sound and look a little silly as we try to communicate using our mouths and our arms to convey our meaning.  But the people here are so welcoming and patient, and they seem to enjoy getting to know us, particularly the university students!

The city is such a rush of people, and it seems like the buildings stretch on forever as steel and glass spring up among more ancient structures of stone and wood.  The cleanliness of Tokyo is most remarkable–I don’t believe I’ve seen a speck of litter yet.  One most striking feature is the commonality of vending machines that sell everything from soda to umbrellas!

Now our stay with students begins and more adventures will follow!


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