Lessons Learned Along the Way

I have learned many things since coming to Japan.  For example, always stand on the left side of escalators if you do not want to get run over by someone in a hurry, and that sushi is actually quite delicious despite initial apprehensions.  I also have been impressed with the never ending hospitality of all those we meet.  It was our first homestay last night, and my host insisted in a polite albeit forceful manner that I take her bed while she retired to a pallet on the floor. 

 The language barrier is a bit challenging, but I have found that certain things are universally understood, such as Chanel and Johnny Depp amoung all the college girls I meet.  I am continually impressed with the amount of English my Japanese hosts know, especially in light of how I struggle to learn just a few Japanese phrases. 

 Overall, I continue to have a grand adventure here, learning every step of the way.

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