Right now Im starting my second homestay.  I still havent figured out all of the Japanese keyboard so bear with me.  Ive been placed in a nursing home, which sounded kind of strange and potentially creepy to me at first.  Now that Im here, its actually pretty awesome.  All of the resdients are sleeping, so I have an entire floor, with bathroom, internet (obviously), tv (in case, as my homestay father said, I want to be a couch potato, shower, kitchen, and free drink machines.  Thank you, Yanai rotary club.
Everyone has been so considerate at both homestays.  I am really hoping that I will be able to stay in touch with Miho, my ほstsつ伝t亜tDokkyo University.  I have also really enjoyed spending time with the U of I students here.
Ive tried myraid things in the past week and a half that seemed completely off my list of anything I would attempt when I was at home.  I did the raw fish thing, the meal of entire tofu, てぇJapanese style toilet the hot spring, the karaoke, the little sticker pictures, tried on a several-thousand-dollar kimono and I walked in a Pachinko parlor.  The last was a sensory overload, so I left after 8 seconds, I think.
I would like to go into detail about some of these experiences, but having all the experiences leaves us all kind of drained I think.  Also、 Im clearly having difficulty with the keyboard.

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