i’m in ur home, using ur internats

Local Time:  10:30pm, Wed May 30 

Thank goodness for internet.  I am using the internet on the computer in my host family’s house.  It’s quite a funny computer:  the keyboard beeps after EVERY button press.

My host family speaks very little English, as advertised, but they were kind enough to bring over their friend Yoshiako to translate for us.  At the age of 70, Yoshiako started taking English conversation classes.  He is now 75 and his English is great.

I have discovered some things about myself on this trip:  I love human interaction more than I love temples and museums.  And I am interested in creativity more than rules.  I also love the Japanese food!  Oishii!!

I am always going to remember my host brother, Hide, who tended to my every need.  I will also remember Yusuri, the beautiful Japanese girl who taught me Japanese for 4 hours on the bus to and from Nikko.

 I will always remember the awesome ways that the Japanese use technology in their every day life:  the wireless “Push for Service” buttons at restaurants, the umbrella lockers, the cell phones, and even the crazy toilets.

Well, I better get some sleep;  more adventures to come tommorrow!!


  1. Kevin Chang said,

    May 30, 2007 @ 12:47 pm

    David Grayson, why am I not surprised to find your writing here? (Or are they telling everyone to write something?) We expect a full account from you on Fod for Thought when you get back…or on your lame LJ if you prefer. (lame = not lame) Anyway, hope you and the others are enjoying yourselves…it definitely sounds like you are!

  2. David Grayson said,

    May 31, 2007 @ 4:23 am

    Hey Kevin! Good to hear from you!!! You are still in Naperville, right?

    You are right; this trip has been MUCH more fun than expected. I have wrestled with a 4th rank Judo teacher, used the bathroom in a sex toy store in Rappongi, traveled by plane, subway, bullet train, bus, boat, and taxi, went fishing, eaten new forms of food and ice cream, and best of all I have had some great interactions with my Japanese friends and my American friends.

    My Japanese friends are very kind; my host brother Hide attended to my every need and he let me lead his friends on an adventure walk the neighborhood, where we found a pachinko hall, two strip clubs, a spa, a super market, a bridge, and a cute park. I already talked about Yusuri.

    My American friends are awesome too. On the plane, Mindi tought me Japanese, and Janet and I swapped stories so she could teach me how to tell stories better. Anna and Adam and I saw Pirates III together (with our Japanese friends). Annie and Nicole and I look out for eachothers safety. Anna gives great advice. Lisa patiently corrects me whenever I stick my chopsticks in my rice. Amanda & Kay took me on a great adventure. Allison and I and our Japanese friends saw the Zoo in Ueno and went shopping in Amioko, a famous shopping area with tons of crazy little shops.

    The only thing that could possibly make this a bad trip is that I hear some rumors that people are harboring secret hatred for me, and I’m not sure why. It has something to do with love of adventures, and thinking outside the box, and my lower-than-average concern for my personal safety. I am just having fun in the way to which I am accustomed; I hope I am not disrupting anyone’s experience on the trip. If I am doing something disruptive they should tell me!

    Anyway Kevin, I will definitely right more about this and post it later. (In fact I have to, for IPENG and CHP)

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