Yesterday we went up the mountain on miyajima and let me tell you it is high.  When they say that it is a 3km hike, they forget to inform you that it is in fact primarily vertical.  Maybe not primarily but a huge percentage is.  In any case, the view from the top was absolutely breathtaking, and although I couldnt breath at that point, what I was able to see was incredible.  Other than that we were able to see the shrine on the island and the turi…which are considered the one of the three most beautiful sight in Japan…which makes pretty much all of us curious if they have categorized the other two.  In any case, all is well, and I:m pretty sure everyone is having an incredible time here in Japan.  It is sad that it will be ending soon but I think all of us are excited to tell our tales to our families and friends making it all worthwhile.  (Plus the random bits of Japanese I have learned along the way). 


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