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So. Together, we saw the most interesting areas of Japan. We interacted with Japanese both young and the old, urban and rural. We bought SD cards in Akihabara and paid our respects in the 600-year-old Himeji castle. We traveled by plane, subway, bullet train, boat, bus, bike, car, and taxi. We ate everything from hot-dogs-on-a-stick to expensive sushi served by kimonoed waitresses. We drank charmed water from a temple spring and ate tempura from an ashtray. We played pachinko and we wrestled with a Judo master. We hiked to the top of an island, and soaked in an underground onsen. We saw Pirates III and bunraku. We arranged flowers and bent plastic spoons. We even got to wake up Kristi.

This tour was excellent, thanks to our awesome team: Prof. Gunji brought amazing connections and ideas, Elizabeth did lots of hard paperwork, Bruce gave us inspirations, and the students were unstoppable hardcore world tourists.
Part of me feels like I might never have a vacation that was as awesome as this one, and it makes me sad. The other part of me tells me that I’ve made a couple lifelong friends, and the lessons learned on this trip will enable us to have awesome vacations for the rest of our lives.

Keep in touch, and keep your eyes out for interesting opportunities.

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