May 21 (Mon)

May 22 (Tues)

Clear customs, exchange money, purchase JR pass


Ginza Capitol Hotel

May 23 (Wed)

Breakfast at hotel, included

Dinner on your own

Ginza Capitol Hotel

May 24 (Thurs)

Breakfast at hotel, included

Home-stay I

May 25 (Fri)

Sight seeing to Nikko

Home-stay II

May 26 (Sat)

Japanese-American culture differences by students

Barbecue party with faculty, host families & students

Home-stay III

May 27 (Sun)

Spend time with host families or baseball game

Ginza Capitol Hotel

May 28 (Mon)

Lunch on the train on your own

Heian Shrine, Sanjyusangendo Hall and Kiyomizu Temple

Eruin Kyoto Hotel

May 29 (Tues)

Breakfast at the hotel (included)

Group 1: Nishijin Weaving Museum

Group 2: Ryoanji Garden

Group 3: Optional: shopping at the Teramachi/Sanjyo shopping arcade area

Eruin Kyoto Hotel

May 30 (Wed)

Home-stay I

May 31(Thurs)

Lunch on the boat, included

Spend the evening with the host family

Home-stay II

June 1 (Fri)

Board ferry to the breathtaking island of Miyajima, one of the Japan’s three scenic places.

Visit Ituskushima jinjya, Daisho-in, and hike to Mount Misen

Lunch on your own

Hotel Kinsuikan

June 2 (Sat)

Breakfast at inn in Miyajima, included

Explore the natural beauty of the island

Lunch on your own

Walk through the beautifully poignant Peace Memorial Museum and Park

1,000 crane dedication to the Children’s Peace Memorial

Hotel Comfort inn Hiroshima

June 3 (Sun)

Breakfast at hotel, included

Check in Hotel

Super hotel

June 4 (Mon)

Breakfast on your own

Arrival at O’Hare: 9:20 Am on June 4

Hotel and contact information

In case of an emergency, Kimiko Gunji has a cell phone while we are in Japan.  The number is: 090-2553-8154.

Ginza Capital Hotel

Super Hotel Osaka



Comfort Hotel