Below is an Excel spreadsheet containing the full itinerary for the ICST 2010 in Japan. Hotel and other information is also included in this document. A reduced itinerary is also displayed below.


5/17/2010 CHICAGO 9:00A Meet at O'Hare Airport
11:40A Depart for Narita
 5/18/2010 NARITA 2:35P Arrive Narita
OSAKA 4:50P Depart for Osaka-Itami
    6:15P Arrive Osaka-Itami
    6:45P Transfer to the hotel
    7:30P Dinner included :  TBA (nearby hotel)

        Lodging:  Comfort hotel Osaka-Shinsaibashi

              Hotel address; 1-15-15,Higashi Shinsaibashi
      Chuo-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka, Japan
                    Telphone: 06-6258-3111
OSAKA 8:00A Breakfast at the hotel 
  9:00A Visit to Aquarium Kaiyukan
      Lunch en route on your own
    2:00P Visit to American village ( shopping area )

  5:00P Return to the hotel 

    Dinner on your own 
                 Lodging:  Comfort hotel Osaka-Shinsaibashi
OSAKA 7:00A Breakfast at the hotel 
 THUR   7:30A Walk to Namba St.
      Take Kintetsu line to Yaenosato-
    9:00-10:30A KU 2nd year students presentation (Gogaku Center 302)

  10:40-12:10P Interaction with 1st year KU students: Treasure Hunt

    (Gogaku Center 302) 
    12:10-1:00P Lunch on your own at KU Party room (around $5.00)
    1:10-2:40P CHP presentation at E-Cube
    2:50-4:20P Class interaction with KU 1st year students: Pair Wasei-eig quiz 
      (Gogaku Center 302)
    4:30-6:00P Class interaction II: CHP vs. KU Culture Quiz 
      (Goagaku Center 302)
    7:00PM Dinner with Kinki students
      Shipping luggage to Yanai
                 Lodging:  Comfort hotel Osaka-Shinsaibashi
 5/21/2010  OSAKA 7:00A Breakfast at the hotel 
  7:30A Walk to Namba St.
      Take Kintetsu line to Yaenosato-
    9:00A Meet the members of the world-famous sumo team and 
      observe their wrestling match.

(Club Center 1st floor basho

  12:00P Lunch on your own at the students. dining hall

(around $5.00)

  3:00P Return to the hotel to pick up luggage
    4:00P Depart for Kyoto by train
  KYOTO 5:00P Arrive at Kyoto / Hotel check-in
    7:00P Dinner at Ante CafĂ© Isetan 
          Lodging:  EL inn Kyoto
                Hotel address; 13 Higashisannocho Higashikujyo 
                 Minami-ku Kyoto-City
                  Telphone: 075-672-1100 
 5/22/2010 KYOTO    Breakfast at the hotel 
 SAT   8:30A Visit to Rokkakudo
    10:00A Ikebana workshop
      Lunch en route on your own

  1:00P Visit to Sanjyusangendo & Kiyomizu 

  4:00P Visit to Handicraft center
    7:00P Dinner at the Moritaya in the Isetan
                                       Lodging:  EL inn Kyoto
KYOTO    Breakfast at the hotel
SUN   8:30A Visit to Ryoanji and Kinkakuji
      Lunch en route on your own

  3:00P Sweets making and tea ceremony experinece

    at Yoshihiro Co.Ltd. (starts at 3:15PM)
    6:30P Gion district walking tour
                                       Lodging:  EL inn Kyoto
    Breakfast at the hotel
  8:30A Leave the hotel 
    9:29A Deapart for Tokuyama by Bullet train Nozomi 9

YANAI 11:28A Arrival at Tokuyama

    Transfer to Mamekichi, tofu restaurant 
    12:00N Lunch at tofu restaurant 
    2:00P Walking tour of the old merchant town of Yanai
    3:30P Bridal Kimono shop 
    6:30P Meet the host family
                                       Lodging:  Host family
YANAI    Breakfast with host family
 TUE   8:30A Visit to Hirao town hall
    8:45A Calligraphy workshop by Mr. Yamamoto
    12:00N Fishing trip 

    Lunch on the ship, included

  6:30P Welcome & farewell party
                                       Lodging:  Host family
YANAI    Breakfast with host family
  9:30A Meet at Cruse Hotel 
    10:00A Depart by Cruse Hotel motor coach to Miyajimaguchi
  MIYAJIMA 10:30A Arrive at Miyajimaguchi

  11:00A Board ferry to Miyajima

    Lunch on your own
    12:00N Ryokan( Japanese style inn) check-in 
    1:00P Visit to  Itsukushima jinjya, Daisho-in, 
      and hike to Mount Misen
      Enjoy night scene of Itsukushima shrine
    6:00P Dinner at the Ryokan
                   Lodging:  Kurayado Iroha
                Hotel address; 589-4 Miyajima-cho,
                   Hatsukaichi-shi, Hiroshima 739-0559
MIYAJIMA  8:00A Breakfast at the Ryokan
    Explore the natural beauty of the island  
      Lunch on your own

  1:10P Ferry to Miyajimaguchi .

  1:20P Arrive at Miyajimaguchi
    1:33P Take JR train to Hiroshima 
  HIROSHIMA 2:00P Arrive at Hiroshima 
      Take taxi to the hotel.
    3:00P Hotel check-in
    3:30P Visit to Atomic Bomb Memorial Museum
    6:30P Dinner at Okonomiyaki-Kyabetsu
                   Lodging:  Comfort hotel Hiroshima
                Hotel address; 3-17, Komachi, Chuo-ku,
                   Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima 730-0041
HIROSHIMA    Breakfast at the Hotel
  7:15A Depart for the train station
    7:56A Depart for Tokyo by Bullet train Nozomi 116
      Lunch on the train 
  TOKYO 12:03P Arrival at Tokyo st.

    Proceed to the hotel / Hotel check-in

  1:30P Meet at the hotel lobby
    2:00P Leave the Hotel to visit to the National diet
    4:00P Meet with Keio University students 
      Group tour to Ueno, Akihabara, and Asakusa
      Dinner on your own
      Lodging:  Royal Park Shiodome Tower Hotel
               Hotel address; 1-6-3, Higashishinbashi,
                       Ginza Tokyo, Japan
                   Telphone: 03-6253-1177
TOKYO  5:30A Tsukiji-The world largest fish market (optional)
 SAT     Breakfast at the hotel
    9:00A Leave for the Keio University 
    10:00A Discussion with the Keio University students 

  11:00A Campus tour at the Keio University and

  12:00N Lunch with the students  Lunch on your own 
    1:00P Group Sightseeing 
      A:  the Godaiba area
      B: Edo Tokyo Museum area
      C: Ginza area
    6:30P Dinner at the hotel 
      Lodging:  Royal Park Shiodome Tower Hotel 
TOKYO  6:30A Breakfast at the hotel
  7:20A Depart for Narita airport

  8:45A Arrival at the Narita Airport

  11:40A Depart for O'hare
  CHICAGO 9:35A Arrival at O'Hare Airport (on the same day)