Below are some pictures during the CHP ICST 2010 to Japan.

We were able to get a clear view of Mt. Fuji on our flight into Japan. :)

Group shot at Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan.

Group shot of our visit to Osaka Castle, just the students.

Group shot at Kinki University.

Our classroom discussions and presentations with the students at Kinki University.

Trio of overseers of our stay at Kinki University. Special thanks to Alison Kitzman for organizing and facilitating the interaction with Kinki Students.

Special thanks to the Kinki University Sumo Team for allowing us to observe a training session.

Group shot at the Student Dinner at Kinki University.

Another Group shot with the students at the Student Dinner.

Riding on the bullet trains! This one was also accompanying another group of students.

Group shot of our ikebana at the Ikenobo School of Ikenobo in Kyoto.

Special thanks to Professor Noda for organizing and instructing the ikebana workshop.

The line of students during our visit to Ryoanji Rock Garden.

Our tour of the Gion District in Kyoto in spite of the rainy conditions.

Special thanks to the Bridal Kimono Shop in Yanai for giving us the opportunity to try on kimono.

Our visit to a noodle restaurant prior to our afternoon cruising around Yanai.

Group shot at the Yanai Rotary Welcome/Farewell Dinner along with the group of children drummers who came and performed.

Special thanks to Mr. Katsumura for hosting Keven and Felix.

Special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Kawamoto for hosting Jane and Ruth.

Special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Kawamura for hosting Tim and Luke.

Special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Kawaoka for hosting Trente and Jennifer.

Special thanks to Dr. and Mrs. Kondo for hosting Kristina and Erika.

Special thanks to Mrs. Machida for hosting Jacques and Emily.

Special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Mochihata for hosting Steve and Nate.

Special thanks to Dr. and Mrs. Tamura for hosting Nick and Alex.

Group shot at Professor Gunji's temple in Yanai. Special Thanks to Mr. Yamamoto for his generosity in conducting the Calligraphy Workshop.

Special thanks to the Ryokan Kurayado Iroha for their hospitality during our stay in Miyajima.

The cranes we folded were brought to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park's Children's Peace Monument as an wish for world peace.

Our visit to the National Diet Building in Tokyo. Special thanks to Yoichi Tajima for making this visit possible.

First discussion group with students at Koei University.

Second discussion group with students at Koei University.

Third discussion group with students at Koei University.

Our visit to Tsukiji Fish Market in the early hours of the morning.

Group shot after our last dinner in Japan, taken at the Royal Park Shiodome Tower Hotel.