Image Posting Tutorial

The first step to posting an image is to log on and start writing a post. When you are finished writing your post (or before you start writing it) click the "IImage Browser" button. A new window will pop-up.
Here you will see all of the images that are already uploaded and be able to upload your own. Click on the "Upload" button and the upload options will appear.

1. First you must locate the pictures on the computer you are working from. Click on the "Browse" button. If you were able to plug in your camera, you might have to browse to the directory where it is located, but we're going to assume that your pictures are somewhere on the computer you're working on.

2. I've made the maximum upload size for pictures 1.5 MB which should accomodate most cameras. If your image is very large you will want to create a thumbnail. Unless you want to change the size and quality, leave them at the default values. You also have two options: "Resample" and "Resize." If you choose "Resample" a new thumbnail will be created in addition to the original image you uploaded. If you choose "Resize" the original image will be resized. If you would like to link from a thumbnail to the original image, choose "Resample." If you would simply like a smaller image in your post, choose "Resize."

3. Click "Upload" and your images will be uploaded to the server.

1. Once the image is uploaded it will appear. To view options for that image click anywhere on it.

2. This is where you choose what you want the code that is generated to do. If you have created a thumbnail and want to link to the original image choose "Thumb with link to full size." If you only resized the image, choose "Thumb only." If you'd just like a text link to the image you can link to the thumbnail or the full size. Make sure you type a description of your image.

3. When you click "Get the code," the code will appear in the text box above.

4. Click "Add it to the post!" and your code will be added to the post.

Close the IImage Browser window to get back to the post you're writing. You'll see that the code has been inserted. When you're ready just publish your post.