Wow, we’re here, or the longest 37 hours of our lives :-)

I’ll leave lots more of the details to the students, but my first amazing impression was flying into Cusco over the Andes. We’re of course all exhausted (don’t forget this is over 24 hours after the C-U group left), and it’s cloudy — when suddenly these majestic snow-covered peaks appear in the dawn, truly forbidding and awe-inspiring at the same time. I just can’t describe how small it makes you feel to see them, they’re like no other mountains. Then gradually the terrain starts to slope, with shades of brown and green, and suddenly Cusco is there with its amazing feel, the beautiful brown-tiled roofs mixed with the lush green. The airstrip (and I do mean strip) is right in the middle of town. Anyway, we’ve soaked up so much of the culture even in one day (probably thousands of pix were taken by CHP students, which we hope you’ll see after we all get back up to speed), but this is all for now as we’re about to head off for a light dinner and likely a well-earned rest before we begin our second day in and around Cusco…

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  1. Marianne Schultz (meghan's mom) Says:

    Wow! And thanks from a mom eager to hear how the trip is going so far! What an amazing opportunity you’ve provided these kids - aglimpse into another culture, another time, with a guide who knows the country inside-out. Thank you for passing your love of this country on to them. And thanks for this wonderful opportunity to be an armchair traveler!

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