So far, definitely our favorite place to be in Peru!!! During our first full day of traveling we saw every Incan stone EVER. But with a wonderful tour guide and some crazy CHP kids we had the time of our lives. The town of the fleas, the stone slides, SAQSAYWAMAN, the best cathedral in Cusco, many trapezoidal doorways, crazy llamas, THE TWELVE ANGLED STONE (several times), pepper trees, the mummy cave, the puma eye, and a lunch consisting of giant shrimp!, licorice shots (yuck), our frist pisco sours of the day, and the luxury of the minibus. We finished the night off with some pizza and wonderful Peruvian beverages…and our wonderful local Italian camerero! We wandered home and were able to purchase all sorts of hats, jewlery and musical instruments, while being harassed by beggars on the Plaza. We are off to play spoons (or musical beds…hahaha to the McKinley Health consultant) and hopefully get some sleep before tomorrow morning.
— Meghan, Toni, Ankeet, Nicole, Lindsay, David, Patrick, and Will

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  1. Nancy Hayes Says:

    Sounds like you all will have some wonderful stories to tell when you get back home (what is a puma eye?!). It’s wonderful to be able to experience Peru, at least a little, through your postings. Keep enjoying and keep writing!

    Nancy Hayes (Pat’s Mom)

  2. Sue Alexander (Nicole's Mom) Says:

    Hola! Have a wonderful time and keep writing! It’s great to hear about your exciting adventures!!!

  3. Jenny Morris (Meg's roommate) Says:

    Hola CHP kids! Oh my gosh, I can’t believe how much you’ve done already. It sounds absolutely amazing, and I’m sure the scenery is just breathtaking! You guys are sooo lucky to have this opportunity so make sure to enjoy every minute of it (and then bring back souvenirs for those of us who couldn’t join you….haha, j/k). If someone has the chance to post some pics I’m sure everyone back in the US would love it (and please help Meghan-she loves to take the pictures but she’s not the best w/technology when it comes to posting them : ) Enjoy the rest of your trip guys! PS-For those of you U of I basketball fans, I am sad to report that Jon Scheyer has decided to play basketball w/Duke, not the Illini : (

  4. John Janci (Meghan's Dad) Says:

    Qué tal! Permítame a presentarme: Me nombre es Juan. No hablo español, sin embargo, yo como champiñones.

    As Ralph Crawshaw once said: “Travel has a way of stretching the mind. The stretch comes not from travel’s immediate rewards, the inevitable myriad new sights, smells and sounds, but with experiencing firsthand how others do differently what we believed to be the right and only way.”

    So it is with pride (and a dash of envy) that we follow your tales of discovery from watching the people of Puno dance the Diablada with showy suits and demon masks, and exploring the Amaru Canchato in Cusco, to hiking the picturesque shores of Lake Titicaca. We back home can imagine through your messages the magic of the Andean world, rich in the shades of its millennial culture, the fabulous constructions of the prehispanic architects, and the incomparable beauty of its beautiful landscapes.

    And perhaps one of you, during this trip, may discover the mystery of Machu Picchu. Personally, I support the theory that it was a monastery where young acllas were trained to serve Willac Uno (#1 Willy?)

    For Meghan: Quisiera el grande Llama lámpara. Cuánto cuesta ? Lo siento mucho, soy gringo. And to the rest of the group: Throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

  5. Poppa Janci Says:

    Got your note and it sounds like you’re having a tremendous time. What altitude are you at and what is the temperature and what is the weather outlook for this part of the country? Are there many people located in this area? What is the major product of their economy? Are there many schools in this local? And what do the younger children do for enjoyment? Are they all friendly? What new foods have you tried? Are you able to wash your clothes and do they have washing machines? I hope eveyone is well and enjoying themselves. We miss you guys very much. Our weather is starting to get warm now, and we can’t wait for you to return to tell us all about your trip.
    Love and kisses,
    From Granny and Poppa J.

  6. Kathy Janci Cielak (Meg's Aunt) Says:

    Hola Megster and the CHP gang!

    Ever since I was 12 years old writing my first report on Machu Picchu for Mrs. Savoy, I always dreamed of visiting, exploring and being the first to solve the mysteries of the missing Incas (think “Mrs. Indiana Janci-Jones”). Did they die out slowly? Were they murdered? Did they go out for cervasas at the WheelHouse and fall into a bush never to be heard from again? Oh, the questions…

    Alas, my life is taking a different direction for the moment so thank you for taking this phenomenal trip and letting me live vicariously through your eyes. I can’t wait to see you, your photos and hear all the great CHP stories (yes - I KNOW there will be many!)

    Be smart. Be safe. Have fun. And whatever you do…don’t come home till you find out what happened to those damned Incas!

    Love you Meg,
    Crazy Auntie Kathy, Uncle Jeffe, Alina-Machina and Little Cuz Baby C (who is about ready to come out and explore the world himself!!)

    p.s. could G&P ASK any more questions???
    p.s.s. he said “Titicaca”…LOL!!!
    p.s.s.s. Spoons?? You go all the way to Peru and you’re playing Spoons??? Ahhh, some things never change!!!
    p.s.s.s.s. this is the second time I’m typing this reply as Alina hit a button and - “poof” - it all went buh-bye. I now know the ruthless power of the F5 key.

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