Cusco to Puno Train

Hey, this is Pat and Will, just saying hi from Puno, on lake Titicaca. Puno, it´s as cold as Juno, at least at night - but our llama fleeces are keeping us warm. The train ride from Cusco was a mere 10 hours, but a beautiful 10 hours. Our train was luxurious - marble sinks and even an open-air observation car in back. We saw one of the most beautiful sunsets ever, full of vibrant colors reflected by the marshes lying outside Puno.

We arrived at Puno without a hitch, and every seems to be feeling alright. We ate another late but delectible dinner in the shopping district of Puno (8pm, our time and yours). Machu Picchu was beautiful and impressively intact - the pictures will not do it justice. Linsdsay, Pat, and David climbed to the top of the mountain overlooking Machu Picchu (Wayna Picchu). Ask David about how we fought a puma, rescued Lindsay from a 30 foot fall, and got attacked by Pirates from the UK (Moms - none of this really happened). Some of us are heading to the Cathedral in Puno tomorrow to see a Spanish Mass.

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  1. Nancy Hayes (Pat's Mom) Says:

    OK, so you fought an angry llama, rescued David from a 30 foot fall, and got attcked by Pirates from Portugal, right?
    Thanks for updating us on your experience of a lifetime. Though the pictures may not do the sights justice, please take plenty for those of us at home to drool over.
    Love to Pat, and good luck & great times to all.

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