Strikes are good because…

They make us come to lower altitudes sooner! Puno was beautiful (and Lake Titicaca was amazing), but many of us were feeling the effects of the altitude and the bus ride down to gorgeous Arequipa was somewhat inviting. I mean, what beats watching “Bruce Almighty” and “The Last Samurai” with Spanish subtitles??

Yesterday, while many of the crazies went whitewater rafting (I won´t tell you how cold it was), I embarked on a three hour horseback adventure through the Arequipan countryside. Our guide was an animated man who knew a little history and a lot of Spanish songs. He and I sang a bunch of Shakira and Bacilos together, and he told me the story of Pecos Bill in Spanish. The trip was breathtaking, and I am so glad I went despite the fact that today Sandeep, Professor Michelson, and I have a hard time sitting down.

Up next: sea level!! Real air!!!


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  1. Gregg Homerding Says:

    Welcome back to sea level! Enjoy the beach and the remaining days of your adventure. These memories will last you a long time! Remember to get a few (hundred) pictures for we norteamericanos who are thinking about :-)
    Elizabeth’s envious husband Gregg

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