Saturday, June 11th, 2005 by William Ross

I have posted a number of pictures on my netfiles - which are available here:

Now time for memories!

Friday, June 3rd, 2005 by Adam

Not one to waste precious time when it comes to photography, I have already received my developed photos and have arranged them in a photo album. The real challenge will be annotating them correctly so I don’t forget the names of the sites with more than 18 syllables. :-) I can still feel the blast of the wind as our sand buggy accelerates down a massive dune, still taste the Inca Kola just poured from the bottle. Those sensations are fleeting but at least we all have photographs to enrich the memories of an unforgettable trip. And maybe a stop at an international food store couldn’t hurt to dig up some more Peruvian flavors… but for now, let’s all enjoy a big cheeseburger, with mayo and lettuce, with a side of soda filled with ICE!!!

Goodbye Peru!

Monday, May 30th, 2005 by Elizabeth Rockman

Well, I can´t believe it but today is our last day in Peru. From altitude sickness to reed boat rides we have done it all. Now it is time to pack up, do one more round around Lima, and come on home. Though some of us are excited to get back to the wonderful luxuries of the states (like potable tap water and keyboards that have the @ key) we are all sad to leave this country. We cannot thank CHP enough for the opportunity to come on this trip. Can´t wait to come home and drink some tap water and eat some McDonalds!

Pat and David

Happy Memorial Day!

Monday, May 30th, 2005 by Elizabeth Rockman

Hard to believe we’re leaving soon. Even more hard to believe we know what day it is!

It’s pretty amazing how the decline in altitude made everyone feel so much better, or would that be the beautiful ocean, desert, and cities and towns we’ve stayed in… City tour in Lima today, and then the marathon travelling again! See you all soon…


Monday, May 30th, 2005 by Adam

Yes, it was the only sound heard during our chifa dinner tonight, and most assuredly the only sound we could make while stuffing ourselves with outstanding Italian gelato immediately following dinner. Get ready, Lima, tomorrow we´re taking you by storm! 24 hours left and a city of 8 million inhabitants to explore!


Nuestro Viaje a Peru

Friday, May 27th, 2005 by Ankeet Patel

Pues, ahora es como el tercer día o el 100º día, todavía no sé pero todo está bien. Hemos hecho más que puedo explicar. Visitamos muchas ruinas de los Incas, hemos visto el mar, fuimos “rafting” (o por lo menos algunos). Además casi todos se pusieron enfermos durante un parte del viaje pero ahorra mismo más o menos todos se sienten bien o mejor. Ahora estamos casi acabado con nuestro viaje…finalmente cuando estamos todos situados y acustumbrados a Perú. Estoy seguro de que lo extrañarémos cuando saldremos. Perú es divertido.

Oh, sorry wrong language. First off, I realize my Spanish, specifically my Spanish grammar, is awful. For that reason, I apologize for such a great waste of time in addition to the boring factor.

In any case, for anyone who cannot read Spanish or is too lazy to put that paragraph into a translator of some sort, I will just let you know it was a GREAT read. Oh wait, I already said that it was awful and boring, so in that case disregard the first statement. My paragraph above was absolutely fantastic. You should check it out some time.

If at this point you still are not translating the first paragraph, then I have three words for you.

Perú es divertido.
(Peru is fun.)


Strikes are good because…

Wednesday, May 25th, 2005 by Adam

They make us come to lower altitudes sooner! Puno was beautiful (and Lake Titicaca was amazing), but many of us were feeling the effects of the altitude and the bus ride down to gorgeous Arequipa was somewhat inviting. I mean, what beats watching “Bruce Almighty” and “The Last Samurai” with Spanish subtitles??

Yesterday, while many of the crazies went whitewater rafting (I won´t tell you how cold it was), I embarked on a three hour horseback adventure through the Arequipan countryside. Our guide was an animated man who knew a little history and a lot of Spanish songs. He and I sang a bunch of Shakira and Bacilos together, and he told me the story of Pecos Bill in Spanish. The trip was breathtaking, and I am so glad I went despite the fact that today Sandeep, Professor Michelson, and I have a hard time sitting down.

Up next: sea level!! Real air!!!


All downhill from here (literally)

Wednesday, May 25th, 2005 by Elizabeth Rockman

The last ¨official¨CHP schedule post was accidentally posted from Patrick´s login, so blame any mistakes on me :-) . We have loved Arequipa (beautiful city where we´ve toured, shopped and ask everyone about whitewater rafting and horseback-riding). We may not see many computers between here and Lima, and anyway have been so incredibly busy… We were so lucky to have spent two nights here, but must move on… to sea level (woohoo!).

Rafting and sickness

Wednesday, May 25th, 2005 by Patrick Hayes

Yesterday we went whitewater rafting. Not only was the scenery spectacular, the rafting was intense. Lots of grade 3 rapids and one grade 4. We all survived, some getting more wet than others (Anita got the wettest - you´ll have to ask her about that!)

Many of us our sick, but we are in good hands. You can get any medicine you want here without a prescription… the only difficulty is communicating in Spanish. There seems to be a web of sickness - roommates & plane/train seat partners passing germs to each other. Most of us are feeling better now that we are out of the high altitude of Puno.

We are off to the coast this afternoon!

Slight change in plans, or why Augusto is such a great guide!!!

Sunday, May 22nd, 2005 by Patrick Hayes

Because we have been informed that a strike is going to occur on Monday(common in these areas) of where we were to visit the next couple days, our schedule has been wonderfully rearranged by Augusto (vp of Happy Tours, and by now our friend). Instead of today only being a tour of towns surrounding Lake Titicaca, we were fortunately informed of the impending shutdown, so turned around midday. We were able to tour the Uros Islands (made out of reeds, everyone will be sure to hear more about this incredible experience later from others)!

Tomorrow we will tour the Sillustani burial towers in the morning, and then board a bus to Arequipa in the afternoon. It will take a little longer than the previously scheduled flight we had for Tuesday, but will be a fascinating look at how the terrain changes as we descend from Puno’s very high altititude to Arequipa’s more manageable climate. We will be staying at the same wonderful hotel in Arequipa — for two nights instead of one. Since we were not going to be able to do much in Puno and Arequipa is so beautiful, this is a lucky turn of events.

Muchos gracias Augusto, and also to Happy Tours personnel!!!